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           First, the brand
          International advanced brand dynamic operating system, a strong brand influence, more than 30 years to join the leading chain experience.
          Second, open channels for partners, a variety of ways of cooperation
          Single store to join (flexible joining policy, independent promotion plan development)
          Shopping malls counter, the Office of the (flexible joining policy, self-promotion of the development plan)
          To the city as a unit based regional brand developers (responsible for PROGEN brand in a particular area of ??the terminal channel construction, brand promotion)
          Third, low-risk, zero inventory
          Improve the return policy, flexible, independent sales policy to ensure that franchisees low-risk, zero inventory.
          Fourth, unimpeded franchisee and the company's information channel
          Strong ERP terminal data transmission management system, the leading international sales of information feedback and instruction to convey the channel mechanism to achieve franchisee and the company between the timely and efficient communication of information.
          Fifth, the brand new concept and business model
          In addition to the conventional TV advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising, network publicity, but also with the National 100 strong media to establish a strategic partnership to jointly promote the development of PROGEN brand; the other companies will be based on the specific circumstances of each store, Line a shop a policy of brand promotion and sales planning support.
          6, multi-point logistics base, fast, low-cost logistics and distribution
          PROGEN in the country's major logistics hub city set up regional logistics center, plate-based logistics and distribution, mature logistics management model, to protect the franchisee fast and efficient logistics support.
          7, professional, all-round opening of the scene to support
          Before the opening of the new store, the company assigned to the opening of staff to assist the site layout, guidance, professional planning team to provide a full range of business planning program support.
          8, professional, use the single-store operations, management training
          Company based on the specific circumstances of a single shop to develop a system, an effective shop management process, and regularly on the shop manager and shopping guide staff targeted business training.

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